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Our Full Site is Coming Soon!
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Thank you for choosing us. With more than 15 years of experience working side by side with hairstylists, we are proud to serve you as our valued customer. What services are you looking for? Buying shears and related products? Shear and clipper sharpening? Or interested in sharpening training and starting your own business? Contact us!

Our Services

- Quality Shears and Professional Styling Tool Sales

- Shear Sharpening & Repairing 

- Clipper Sharpening & Repairing 

- Medical Tool Sharpening

- Pet Grooming Tool Sharpening

- Knife Sharpening

- Private Sharpening Training

We Go to You! or Mail Them to US!

Oops!!! There is another Andrew other there!

Make sure you contact ANDREW SCISSORHANDS.

Customers, please be aware of an existence of another Andrew from “SuperiorEdge,” who was not trained by us and is not affiliated with our company. Please look for the genuine Scissorhands logo.

We appreciate your business.

Andrew S.

The founder of Scissorhands LLC.