About Us

Hi! My name is Andrew Szalay. I am a founder of Scissorhands LLC established in 2002. Our company is located in Colorado serving local customers and those from the neighbor states. For many years, thousands of customers trust and are satisfied with our services. We service shear sharpening and repairing on site and by mail. We sell high-end products that I designed and created using a combination of expertise in edges to meet the customers’ needs for their precise work. Our company also provide sharpening and fixing services for barber tools, pet grooming tools, surgical tools, dental tools, and kitchen knives. In 2018, we are proud to announce a brand-new service for sharpening training for persons who are interested in sharpening and want to own a business. Our company values high-quality services and the customers’ satisfaction. We are happy to have you as our valued customer, and we promise to put love into every single blade of your tools. Thank you!


Andrew Szalay

The founder of Scissorhands LLC.